Bầu Trời Âm Nhạc

You came here, swallows hover over
Sweet offer spring‘s flower scent
(Stay Have You in Life)

Give the gift so that it will be meaningful, so hard. Receive the gift with its original meaningfulness, not easier. There are the gifts either visible or invisible. It is the meaningfulness of the gift that made people wavering. Depend on the compatibility of the giver and the receiver - the more compatible they are, the brighter the gift's meaningfulness would be.
You came here, swallows hover over
Sweet offer spring‘s flower scent

Here, the giver is you, the receiver is the life. You have given the gift all with your natural heart, your generous love. You have given so gently that you yourself have not known what you gave, and the life itself was surprised at it has received what you have given as well. Anyway, that is a lucky and happy case of the giver and the receiver in the life. And this below is the unlucky and painful case of both the giver and the receiver.
A lot of flowers have been resigned
Floating her perfume live in the blind wind
Lost the valued life inside the deaf mountain
No traveler comes up right the cave

Think the wind would be kind wind
Spreading sweet news for sweet love
But no one pays attention to the lovely one
Leave the flowers decline with twilight

Sometimes lost the way to a deaf wind
Here tableland life without warm friends
There highland flowers fall on cold stones
Quietly walk alone at the sunset alone

[Biết bao hoa đẹp trên rừng thẳm
Đem gởi hương cho gió phụ phàng
Mất một đời thơm trong kẽ núi
Không người du tử đến nhằm hang
Những tưởng đem hương gởi gió kiều
Là truyền tin thắm gọi tình yêu
Song le hoa đợi càng thêm tủi
Gió mặc hồn hoa nhạt với chiều
Tản mác phương ngàn lạc gió câm
Dưới rừng hoa đẹp chẳng tri âm
Trên rừng hoa đẹp rơi trên đá
Lặng lẽ hoàng hôn phủ bước thầm...]
(Xuân Diệu, Gởi Hương Cho Gió)

The biggest waste is, the scent of the flowers is always open for giving while the heart of people seems not ready to receive. That is why the giver - beautiful flower - becomes unwanted handing over the most valued things of the flower life to the dumb wind, to the deaf rock, to the indifference, to the unconcern, to the ruthlessness, to the sunset, to the inanimate objects.
That is the way the scent of the flower, the soul of the literature, the real value of the life, the cream of the world, all slowly is sinking unfortunately into the unknowing dark.
Do you know darling
How pity for this poetic life
When the true values are sinking
This true man offered some meanings
That true man’s holding a few of truths
While the other man did find out nothing

Sudden March festival
Along the season’s row of flowers
Guy looking for does not know what looking for
While men of truth passed away
Within the river of life flowing with its life stream

[Thưa em đời mộng đang chìm
Người trao người giữ người tìm chưa ra
Giật mình lá cỏ tháng ba
Nghe mùa động đậy bên hoa một hàng
Đứa tìm kẻ chạy lang thang
Người trao đã mất theo tràng giang đi ]
(Bùi Giáng)

When the receiver-juniors still blindly "research" in the library, the giver-forebears are gone with the flows of river. They, Nguyễn Du, Bà Huyện Thanh Quan, Trần Trọng Kim..., deceased. The masters of the literature came and gone, one after another. They delivered the mountain of great values of literature, but not sure if ones have received all of them, if ones find out the original values from the forebears' literature work. So the question was quoted:

You of the next centuries
If you can see the moon as its original color
I then go, left some lines of words
If the leaves resound any value while it falls down inside the fog of life

[Em về mấy thế kỷ sau
Nhìn trăng có thấy nguyên màu ấy không
Anh đi để lại đôi dòng
Lá rơi có dội ở trong sương mù ]
(Bùi Giáng)

You of the next generations, you look at the moon today, do you see it as it is exactly the moon? I mean, in the future of next century, do the readers would read out what the books of the forebears said as it original was. Nothing was wry, wasn't it? If it is not wry, if it is it as it is in original condition, then it is the good news for life. The moon is still the moon. Your heart is still bright, your mind still natural. Life is still quite beautiful as the full beautiful moon.

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Moon Song,
Deliverer and Recipient

Deliverer and Recipient
Khảo Luận Về Bùi Giáng và Trịnh Công Sơn  -  Nguyen Quang Thanh biên soạn
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Since moon is lunar
Light shines me inside
Since moon is lunar
Your heart feels awkward

Since moon is lunar
I’m like a kite in fun
Since you are lunar
My heart has sun inside

Since midnight to morning
Or in different rains
From boundless you have come
Dispelling distrusts

Since old moon’s lunar
My heart’s sometimes like
A flower just rises
Merry seed on Earth
(Trinh Cong Son, Moon Song)

If the moon is still beautiful moon as it is in my soul, then my life will be wonderful as the wonderful moon, and at same time it makes the hearts around of me could be happy as I am being happy. If the true is still the true, the good is still the good, the beautiful is still the beautiful, which means that the original values remain unchanged in the mind of life, then the world will be sunrise, the life will be full of fresh flowers.
However, the world often oversleeps. People sometimes look like unconscious, forgetful, so that they often confuse true and fake, good and evil, right and wrong, chicken and duck. Because of confusion, people unintentionally popularized the "twisted-true" - which was twisted too much that the true lose the original figure of the true. The things proceed "unintentionally" like that, resulted in the moon lost its meaning as the moon meaning, the real values of globe were painted dirtily with the colors of unreal, paved the way for evils spread across the globe. Because the disorder of parlance, disorder of definition, disorder of spirit, result in the disorder of actions. There is not original situation of the natural values any more. The sunrise went into the sunset. The dawn of life suddenly became dark of life.
Therefore, throughout history, the real men have raised their voices. Say that, let you the life stop oversleeps, please wakes up, please returns the original values of life to the life. Let call "the moon" because it is the moon. Let understand the moon as it is the moon. Let talk about the moon right because of the moon. If failed to do so, the object which must bear the consequences is - of course not the moon - but the life talking of the moon.

Since moon not lunar
Rocks roll bitterly
Old garden’s just tired
Passion tree lazy shoots

Because the moon is not longer beautiful as it was inside my heart, the true, the good, the beautiful are not longer quite as they were in the society life, it is time when the world order is disordered, while the happiness becomes sadness and the ardency slopes down wearisome. The diligent threes become denude. Me as of natural man becomes me as of clumsy boy.

Since moon not lunar
Sudden these polite words:
You no more lunar
I look as clumsy child

Thousands of years gone like that, when the beautiful of the original values were twisted, when the spring streams were not clean at all, then the bad, the evils did rule the roost, mock at the good, forced the good into the wild oasis. "A lot of flowers have been resigned, floating her perfume live in the blind wind, lost the valued life inside the deaf mountain. No traveler comes up right the cave. Think the wind would be kind wind, spreading sweet news for sweet love. But no one pays attention to the lovely one, leave the flowers decline with twilight." (Xuân Diệu)

That is sad worth it. However - Trinh Cong Son consoled himself - you guy, you flower yourself, me insect myself, let forget the sadness of yesterday, let spread fresh news for life, let us do sing at the sweet night, for the feet of life printed in the paradise. This time, those foot-marks in the paradise were taken notes by the prayers of comfort and the foot-marks of since moon is lunar.
Insects forgot sadness midnight
Man so sings at sweet night
Foot-mark in paradise: missteps.
Since moon is lunar
I hear life consoles me
Since you are lunar
Prayers arrived in life

Since the day you are right what the moon is, from the day you have come here as the swallows did, sweetly offered the life the scent of spring flowers. You have given the gift all with your natural heart, your generous love. You have given so gently that you yourself have not known what you gave, and the life itself was surprised at it has received what you have given as well. "Spring wait for your feet pass. Leaves sing from your fragrant hands". You have come and gone, gently as the wings of night heron did.

From boundless you have come
Or you would leaving
Old garden left your voice
I hear once go home
(Trinh Công Sơn, Moon Song)

You have come and gone as the swallows. You sweetly offer the life the scent of spring flowers. People still stay in here, hear the birdsong chattering, the voice sine the moon is lunar, the last echo from the garden of that time. The moon today is still the original lunar, your natural heart is still the intact spring heart, then the beauty of the earth is still the intact beauty of the earth and the human heart is still full of love of the intact human heart.


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